Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a non-progressive condition that doesn't cause pain and most dogs can learn to manage the condition over time with the right care. They can go on to lead a happy, fun-filled life.  However, the majority of dogs born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia will be put down without having a chance of life.  We want to change this, so we are launching our Hope4CHdogs Campaign.

Hope4CHdogs Campaign aims to:-

  • Build more awareness of CH in dogs,

  • Promote the welfare of dogs with Cerebellar Hypoplasia,

  • Support owners/foster carers of dogs with Cerebellar Hypoplasia,

  • Prevent premature euthanasia of dogs with diagnosed Cerebellar Hypoplasia,

  • Work alongside vets and dog rescue organisations in the UK to give dogs with CH the hope of a future.

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We want to inform people and organisations about these main aspects of CH:-

  • Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a non-progressive neurological condition that causes dogs no pain and dogs can lead a happy, fulfilled life.

  • CH generally doesn't affect a dog's life expectancy.

  • Cerebellar Hypoplasia in dogs does not generally occur due to in vitro viruses, but most likely is due to genetics.

  • Dogs with Cerebellar Hypoplasia generally need 4 - 6 months to learn to manage their condition. 

  • Dogs diagnosed with CH are at risk of premature euthanasia as owners and veterinarians are unsure how best to care for them.  

  • CH dogs do need additional support, specific training and treatments, but it's not complex.

  • More dogs are likely to be born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia as inbreeding and irresponsible breeding is on the increase.​

Would you like to be involved in the campaign?

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