Holly's Disability

Holly has a neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Below are some FAQs about her condition, please note I'm not a vet - I've just read up a bit on the condition, had superb support and advice from her foster family at LUKAG, and gained a little experience from supporting Holly so far.

What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)?

Cerebellar Hypoplasia in medical terms means:

Cerebellar = pertaining to the cerebellar, the part of the brain in the back of the head between the Cerebrum (the largest part of the brain) and the brain stem. The Cerebellar is the part of the brain that controls walking, co-ordination and balance.

Hypo = under

Plasma = formation of.

So for Holly, other dogs and animals with CH it means that the formation of the part of her brain in the back of the head that controls walking, co-ordination and balance is under developed.

What does this mean for Holly?

As with most conditions, CH has different levels of severity and as Holly is only 9 weeks old and is getting used to life in a new home, we are unsure at the moment how severe her condition is - but for us, whether she has a severe or mild case of CH we are adamant to ensure that Holly reaches her full potential in whatever shape or size that is. Above everything she has a good quality of life and continues to enjoy life and be as happy as she is now.

One of the most important things to remember is that CH doesn't cause any pain. So we know that Holly isn't suffering and we are doing the right thing for her by giving her the chance to find her own way in the world and help her manage her condition with support and lots and lots of love.

What are the main symptoms of CH?

The main symptoms of CH are:-

  • Uncontrolled tremors, often most notable in the head

  • Loss of balance

  • Lack of coordination

  • Exaggerated movements, especially when walking

  • Wide stance

Currently, Holly is showing all these symptoms, each at different levels, however, Holly knows no different, she was born with these symptoms so for her this is her normal and we keep that in mind when supporting Holly.


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