Holly goes for a Walk

I'm a bit in shock today!

Yesterday, Holly had me in tears as she was off her food and not that interested in playing. I was concerned for her she just didn't seem herself.

If you saw her video this morning, you would have seen we were on a slow start. I was so pleased that she ate her breakfast all up. We had a play outside. Then she munched on a frozen carrot.

Then it was training time, I've been doing a bit of loose lead training with her. Today, she did so well that I thought 'let's try the path' so in my front garden on the path with lead did we wander.

***the shocking bit*** Then, I thought 'lets try the footpath' with a bit of kibble to hand off we went. We ended up walking from ours number 9 to number 3 and back again multiple times. She did so well. She spotted two people across the road and wanted to go over the road but I said stay and we stayed and she just kept staring at the people and carried on walking.

Walking down a path for Holly was always a big question mark. Our expectations was that she may get to end of the road and back again one day. Well, today she has just done half of that. I'm totally overjoyed for her.

She has come in and had a couple of treats, big drink of water and now is sleeping.

Sorry, I have no footage but I'm sure we will be doing it again soon. Going to attempt twice a day .


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