Meet Holly's New Family

Holly the Labrador was rescued by LUKAG when she was 8 weeks old and enjoyed Christmas with her foster family. On 28 December 2020 she came to us the Hawkins family.

Holly isn't the only animal in the house. Tilly the nine year old cat, is a bit of a princess - and is a very vocal cat. At the moment she is quite nervous about Holly but everyday Tilly is getting better at investigating Holly's belongings and watching Holly from afar.

Joshua, is 14 years old and has been enjoying Tilly's company as she hides out in Joshua's room. Joshua enjoys playing with Holly but not so keen on toilet training....can't think why.

Stuart, my husband works full-time, but was on holiday during the Christmas school break so it was great that he has had time to get to know Holly. Stuart is doing the night shift with Holly and last night was the first night that she didn't want a number two at night. Well done Holly!

I'm Vicky, I'll be the main writer for the blog (usually when Holly is snoozing). I don't work as I have been off-sick for the past four years and won't be returning to work for the foreseeable future. This means that I have time to concentrate on Holly and support her as she grows and help her with physiotherapy and other additional support she may need due to her living with Cerebellar Hypoplasia and blindness in one eye.


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